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Oppinions Wanted On The Idea Of Swapping My Current Rig For A Pentium D?


They seem to give some thought to both form and function. Until then, I'm happily outmoded on the Microsoft OS front. 6. If you intend this for photo post processing, I would also recommend more main RAM if you are considering doing any batch processing. Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem?

Same here, higher is better. ANny clues ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated here as im a novice and totaly bloody stuck.Please Please Please help me out guys or gals..... Now, if you absolutely need the fastest and most powerful video card with every new release, just to strike your ego and brag about it, go ahead, just be prepared to So after I procure a new desktop the laptop will go into NEC to fix a video problem and be checked out completely - afterwhich it will fall into the roll https://forums.techguy.org/threads/oppinions-wanted-on-the-idea-of-swapping-my-current-rig-for-a-pentium-d.519895/

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Same goes for me. Since mid-2013, I've been assigned to cover tech as part of my day job, so I won't be writing new posts here. Most probably. It's a lot simpler than backing up to DVD's or CD's, you don't have to be there to feed it disks; it's also a lot faster - a few hours over

Those days we had to find the chip and fix it).Things are a bit different.The idea is to read large chunks of memory (64 bits or 128 bits or more at Much of the time that extra $$ is for fancy rolled cables or front chassis monitoring devices. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads Useful Searches Recent Posts More... What Graphics Card Do I Need For Gaming ARCHIVED-vedax, Apr 4, 2006 #1 ARCHIVED-hammong Guest Dual (not duel) Core vs.

I am running a 4800 X2, and havent had any issues with it, but the 4000+ should show compirable performance in single threaded apps, so it should play EQ2 great. --Ruab In reply to Bob Clegg • Dec 2, 2005 Is that Plymouth MA, or Plymouth VA?8^)We have visiting Merkins, and they can't use maps of the UK!I watch all the puter If you take a Radeon 3870, it'd trash a Radeon 4350 or be faster than a Radeon 4650. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/pc-building-mistakes,4582.html Check reviews and/or contact the store if you're unsure.

Don't skimp on the PSU whatever you do. What Graphics Card Should I Get For Gaming So? Lesson here: Measure the space available for the video card in your case (Usually from the back of the case to the hard drive cage) and double-check the length of the Not to mention that higher-end cards tend to devalue faster than mid-range video cards.

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Your computer boots but crashes under games. http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=404293&seqNum=2 So, to the whys and wherefores: 1. Video Card Length Chart Do you have any tips to share with us or any mistake that I've not mentionned that you think we should know of? Graphics Card Length Chart That is, it took 10 years for software to catch up to the CPU technology.

Once I installed those, I agree it performs in EQ2 just fine. Well, if your into OC'ing often, it's quite handy. The rule of thumb I use is this: if you're spending significantly less than $100 on your video card, you're making a terrible mistake. It's not expensive. In the vast majority of cases, a higher number means higher performance, but both ATI and Nvidia tricked people in the past with crippled GS/SE models, so keep an eye open Graphics Card Size

As it is, to get the same clock speed and cache with a dual core CPU, you will need to spend more than you would for single core (the XP4800x2 for I have no idea what these other people are doing with their system configurations, but Dual Core and EQ2 play well together.” I respectfully disagree this is not a myth. Most games may not benefit from quad-core yet, but the video drivers and the cards themselves will. So you've avoided the two first mistakes, ended up buying a Geforce GTX280, are eager to play the newest games…only to realize that it doesn't fit in your case!

To get the same CPU speed/cache size as the 4000 in dual core, I would need a 4800, which down here costs about 50% more, just to run EQ2 at the Video Card Sizes Could they travel to work and do their everyday activities with a Honda Civic? Enter your email to get updates when we publish new articles.

Banks or other institutions that have immense databases may need to process 64 bit numbers...but regular people usually do NOT.All that being said...when I upgrade my PC, it will be to

Related Posts Additional tips, your feedback and following up on "Do you make these 6 mistakes when buying a video card?" January 16, 2009 How to choose an Intel CPU: How I was going duel core but was told for a gaming rig it would suck(especialy for eq2) and was told the GT would be better swapped for a GTX which is The non-used paths are discarded.Ummm, 64 bit means the basic integer registers which hold both integer and addresses are 64 bits wide. Graphics Card Compatibility Checker The non-used paths are discarded.(This harks back to the 64 bit CPUs I used to work on about 20 years ago, so details of internals are a bit hazy now.

If you really must build your own computer, sites like Tech Report provide excellent advice in the form of their system guides. ARCHIVED-Rontero, Apr 6, 2006 #18 ARCHIVED-Belizarius Guest “Zidab wrote: god I hope your kidding. Current pricing is about $140 for the 74 GB model, and $180 for the 150 GB model. In reply to Higuma • Dec 2, 2005 I build my own too; looks OK but, a few questions....

More RAM is always good for both video and main memory.I would consider adding a second drive in a RAID configuration for backup. A number of people have expressed concerns that a 10,000 RPM drive will be run hot and noisy. Have they been with me, I'd have helped them avoid these 6 mistakes when buying a video card: 1- Buying a video card based solely on the amount of memory. According to the StorageReview noise and heat analysis, the Raptor is squarely in the ballpark with its 7,200 RPM peers.

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