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Optimal Hard Drive Temps?


Magnetic field control[edit] Magnets are very harmful to hard disks and should be kept away from computers at all costs. Their graph shows that faulure rate does not go up until drive temperature goes past 45 degrees. I'd say temperatures up to 55 celcius for short term applications (like a backup) which lasts up to a maximum of 2 hours, is perfectly fine for a HDD, and this Even if this is not optimal, it is good enough for me. this content

If the drive includes a thermal monitoring feature, it shuts down the drive if its temperature reaches a critical level, perhaps 65°C. External hard disk drives must preferably be enclosed in a disk enclosure that has a fan, rather than one without a fan. If the temperature exceeds a preset threshold, perhaps 50°C, the monitoring application can be configured to log the event, warn the user, and shut down the drive or computer. Google found that temperature was not a good predictor of failure, while Microsoft and the University of Virginia found that there was a significant correlation. read this article

Hard Drive Temperature Range

http://research.google.com/archive/disk_failures.pdf. Unlimited data. $5/month. those cage fans got throttled down to lowest possible value by my fan controller.

The correlations of 0.03 and -0.04 are weak enough that we shouldn’t draw conclusions from them. http://blog.backblaze.com/2014/05/12/hard-drive-temperature-does-it-matter/ "Hard Drive Temperature – Does It Matter?"]. Most of the larger operators go up to around 27 Celsius (80F) to reduce energy usage from cooling (higher end of the ASHRAE guidelines) - the Hitachi drive sitting on the Western Digital Hard Drive Temperature Range Especially in case of hardware-based RAID, the drive itself will not be seen by the operating system; only the logical RAID drive will be seen.

At these temps I would assume shorter lifespan and quick death, rather than random data corruption, but I could be wrong. Hard Drive Temperature Monitor Although what you said is technically true, it's not necessarily an indicator when a drive will fail, it is a good indicator that temperature can reduce the life span of the The Seagates fail very slightly more when they are warmer, while the Hitachi drives fail very slightly more when they are cooler. A study by Google showed the reverse to be true.[1] Hard drives with average temperatures below 27 °C had a failure rate worse than hard drives with the highest reported average

But when your hard drive fails, unless you have a rigorous backup regime, you just lost all your data. Drive Bay Cooling Kit Stacking multiple external drives together, especially if they do not have fans, is strongly discouraged as it impedes heat transfer. I have been rethinking this position lately. Inadequate ventilation, especially during the summer months, can cause a drive's temperature to exceed safe levels.

Hard Drive Temperature Monitor

Essentially it will give you a reading of your drive's SMART status contextualised with real data from other users' disks, providing some interesting aggregated results. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=8535.15 The study concludes that the annual failure rate steadly increases with temperature from about 2.75% per year at 40°C to about 6% per year at 55°C (Table 2). [2] To do: Hard Drive Temperature Range Apple disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site. Ssd Operating Temperature Find me here: http://twitter.com/codinghorror Unite your dev & test teams by decreasing dependencies.

Knights and knaves in Landilandia Why is this funny: 'Ok, well, it’s definite, two more weeks of winter' Only the US, Liberia and Myanmar are “not metric”? http://gamesversion.com/hard-drive/old-hard-drive-and-os-in-a-new-pc.php This field is required Join No Spam. The hours that the drive is on is most likely the biggest factor. Retrieved 2008-09-15. ↑ Sriram Sankar, Mark Shaw, Kushagra Vaid, Sudhanva Gurumurthi. "Datacenter Scale Evaluation of the Impact of Temperature on Hard Disk Drive Failures". [[3]] [doi: 10.1145/2491472.2491475]. 2013. ↑ Brian Beach. Wd Red Temperature

Is it a simple typo? If this is published, it would be valuable to cite that. Check your hard drive manufactures operating specs and keep it in that range. http://gamesversion.com/hard-drive/old-hard-drive-new-external-drive-problems.php My 3TB Seagate drives' have been running at 40 celcius for over 2 years, with no head parking, have written over 100TB to each, and none have failed as of yet.

Is it safe to have no `/home` partition? Hard Drive Temperature 50 C Laying it on a level position prevents this risk. I have seen results for Maxstor, WD & Seagate drives A couple of my external USB drives that I use for backup show maximum temperatures of 63 & 64 C respectivly

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Big deal. Vibration control[edit] Powerful vibrations caused near the computer, such as those caused by a subwoofer, may increase the risk of a head crash and of data corruption. It idles at 40C & ran at 57C until I changed the acoustic and power management to use the minimum power. Hitachi Hard Drive Temperature Range If backblaze guys can confirm or unconfirm this I will be happy :) Dan Schwartz Two questions: 1) Are the drives in your "pods" oriented in the horizontal or vertical plane?

Your all set.   The Google study (which is all we've got), shows >10% failure rates in year 3 with drives run at over 40C.  My guess is that the failure more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies. 5th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 2007). check my blog The google study is the closest thing we have - which tells us that drives kept too hot or too cold are not good for long term health.  But common sense

If the disk's read-and-write head comes in contact with the disk's surface, a catastrophic head crash can result. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Mac or PC. Rapid and extreme temperature changes should be avoided for this reason.

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