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NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX Overheat Problem

so hl:2 ended up being a very cool and unique experience, but short lived.

after that i wound myself going back to the basics of battlefield:1942 with the desert combat mod. What problems are you having with it? haha dit werkt gewoon idioot, heb er al over de honderd gemaakt op deze manier ! Started with corruption/ lines on screen then total fail. Source

Maybe an 8600? Got a $10 oven thermometer from Target and used that to calibrate out the right thermostat setting to get about 375-400 F consistently in the middle of the oven. I took the time to check my temperatures the other day, and found my Asus Geforce 7800GTX 256mb is running at 62 degrees celcius on IDLE!I put it under load for I tried following the above procedure, but after installing it in ubuntu 12.10 there is nothing in my desktop..Pls anyone help me Peter Take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/1070392. you could try here

It wasn't. I just ran an extended system diagnostics and then a stress test, and all is well. joel thanks.

torsoboyDec 15, 2006, 8:24 AM Quote: Try getting the card out of the case to inspect if there is any crud inside of it. Here's my output:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF116 [GeForce GTX 550 Ti] (rev a1) Subsystem: eVga.com. Tweet Recommended For You Timerrr: Online Oven Timer Tells You When Your 60 Minutes Are Up How To Flash A Recovery To An Android Device Without SD Card How To Install The Zalman VF900 CU if you don't have enough slot space.

It actually works. Ive never seen anything like it before heh... please i need reply please please anyone Anonymous Insane… After no other options with my GeForce Go 7950 GTX 512MB NVidia card, I thought why not try this. So having read this page I took this nasty old Toshiba¬†satellite A75 apart and cooked the mother board in a gas oven at 375 for 15 minutes.

Could my video card's fan settings have been changed? More Latest Final Fantasy XV Patch Removes Stable Frame Rate Option on PS4 ProTake a Tour of the ESC Game Theater LabGame of the Year: Black College Football: BCFX: The XperienceHorizon If I use i8k it will go about 10-15 minutes if I force the fans to full speed. Just a note, if you disassemble your card and find it has thermal pads, don't tear them off.

Thanks for the great guide! https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/17023-geforce-go-7950-gtx-temperature-driver-problem/ I think that will solve your problem. MAGIC! I just got a chance to physically inspect the card today.

Try again, little later. this contact form give everyone (and it's coming believe me) 1920×1200 resolution capable monitors from the large to the 17″ portables and you'll find you can bring even this chip to its knees. Anonymous My two and a half year old Sapphire Technology HD4830 video card would have a hard time starting. It looked fine from the outside, but when I peaked in through the plastic cover over the heatsink, I saw a big barrier of dust between the heatsink and fan.

i bet it ends up in the dell xps and alienware laptops for sure. I ended up using 2 tubes of ocz freeze thermal compound between the gpu and all the ram its a good compound that is not metallic based and I figured if Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit Jewlian Your comment was a blatant insult against us Muslims. have a peek here I havnt had that problem in any games.

Paste the output here, I can help you to install the proper driver and make it work.Thanks harry hey guys, I have the same issue, I have followed the main page Im guessing that if I install a newer driver I will have similar heat problems as you described in your first post. Batwoman Rebirth #1Tenth Doctor Must Escape Waking Nightmare in New Comic More Kickstart Your Morning With This Coffee ButterThe 90s Called And Said To Tell You Zima Is Making A ComebackPixel

now i won't buy one of these new beasts myself, but i figure the go6800 and mobile ati x700 models will soon be coming down in price.

I think i jumped the gun baking it because now the display is all screwed looking and the computer blue screens. it is getting to the point though where i will need to upgrade it. better than a 6800gt desktop card from what i could tell. I don't know if it's being caused by the graphics card, but after seeing the temperatures, that is my hunch.

Dr. is there anything i can do to run the game smooth?thanks - by mr. Same problem here, please help! http://gamesversion.com/nvidia-geforce/nvidia-geforce-gt-120-fan-problem.php John Hello, that's actually a good and inteligent fix; however after trying that as described, it wont show anything now!