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Office 2000 File Icons Are Whacked - How To Fix?

You're hoping to see "V 3.01 " as of October 4, 2005 - any digits after the first two decimal places are not relevant to the current difficulties. Thanks for ringing that bell, Robert. For the various reasons discussed on this page, it could be a problem with just that particular document file (or backups of it), especially if you have done a lot of Comment 65 Dean Tessman 2002-02-04 18:40:30 PST Well, that was unexpected. this contact form

One of my tasks was keeping a small set of styles working as Word versions played Calvinball with the rules. I was asking you what kind of thing would you consider to be conclusive evidence or proof? That's a viable option for anyone who [prefers to/is required to] stick with Outlook 97/98. The power's a little dicey, but when the lights are on, Windows works, and Office 2000 (no doubt SR-1a) runs like a-ringin'-a-bell.

You're forgiven being confused when Microsoft can't even get their own version numbers straight. I did give Zotero a brief try a while back (although I found it rather confusing, and it seemed more interested in importing web pages than papers), but maybe it's time Comment 18 Wesley Tanaka 2001-09-04 08:50:51 PDT I see this error when opening "http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/" with the "Run" dialog in Windows 2000 SP 2 (5.00.2195).

Even if you can't spell SQL, if you have MSDE, you have SQL, and you have problems. by jonah jones / August 21, 2004 2:28 AM PDT In reply to: Re: Aureal Vortex? Come on Uncle Bill,..... That's so wrong it hurts to think about.

Step 5. (Optional, but suggested by some power users:) After using WPLOOK, you can use Method B above on the file to add some assurance that the problem has been resolved. ah, don't get me started... You can already basically set out a webpage to the nearest pixel if you really want to, DTP like. When problems suddenly appear, try to stop what you are doing and think about what is going on at the moment, and also think about the time immediately preceding the problem's

Great rant, Charlie. Primary methods and tools If you have considered the information in Section I and Section II above and you now believe the file itself might be damaged, the three primary methods The tragedy of it all is that its style sheet functions are fairly powerful, if buggy, but I've never found a way to convince normal users to use it in a Word is a decently good product for the office, but not adapted at all for publishing.

It's a hard problem, and it's edge-cases as far as the eye can see. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58770 Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I actually believe that I don't see the other (separate?) problem reported in And that makes me mad as hell (Okay, slightly perturbed). Other applications also take advantage of the Scroll Lock key in different ways.

Of all the packages I've used since then, Lotus AmiPro was my favourite. weblink By all indications this points to the pound sand alternative. Important: You shouldtype the new text into the new blank document. I have the default protocol and document type settings, I believe.

This will not affect user data or user modified files (such as the default template or QuickWords template). I'll try that. See here for suggested time interval settings and recovery-of-work techniques. (A setting that is too short on a busy computer can corrupt some large files, or possibly give you a "spinning navigate here Notes and tips What is this feature?

But environments like ours are very much standardized on 2000, for at least the next year, and more likely two. bankboysb, Feb 13, 2006 #7 Anne Troy Anne Joined: Feb 14, 1999 Messages: 11,744 I get notif'd on every thread I'm in, tho admittedly, sometimes I duck out... I'll tell ya!

And it feels just hacky to use.

Then I learnt more about programming and got wiser. .doc is a file type: all the information goes into it. (And yes, Word's implementation is bloaty and horrible... vlatko.juric.kokic replied to this comment from https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmTQ5YKjxl5JYRvSgnG6DOhR4nFU3n3YCM | October 12, 2013 08:41 19: Uh, sorry. Select the e-mail and then select the language from the "Translate" drop-down. Customization Our Sites Site Links About Us Find Us Vista Forums Eight Forums Ten Forums Network Status Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site

Everything was uninstalled and then Office 2000 was reinstalled. Comment 43 John Morrison 2001-10-04 00:23:08 PDT In both today's branch and trunk comm. Comment 7 Bill Law 2001-06-01 12:24:47 PDT re: the document icon I heard of a mysterious hidden feature of windows whereby it caches desktop document icons. his comment is here And so it goes, I'm afraid.