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Home About Courses | Fees | Dates College-Projects Testimonials Internship Developers Jobs Contact Operating System Questions and Answers Our Operating System questions and answers focuses on all areas of Operating Systems The latter is applicable to variable partitions model only.   49. Then what is the final value of semaphore? - D PRAVEEN KUMAR September 26, 2016 in India | Report Duplicate | Flag Skill Subsist Impulse Ltd Software Developer Operating System 0 What is cascading termination?- If one process is terminated, its related processes are also terminated abnormally then it is called cascade termination.- It occurs in the case of parent child process.-

vignesh karthikeyan OS Interview Questions xyz Dec 4th, 2016 FIFOs are not bidirectional. Ask your question now ! © 2009 - 2016 by IndiaBIX™ Technologies. Kerala PSC Question Papers UPPSC Question Papers RPSC Question Papers MPSC Question Papers MPPSC Question Papers Read More... Get daily job alert, placement paper and GK updates every day on your email. http://quiz.geeksforgeeks.org/commonly-asked-operating-systems-interview-questions-set-1/

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If more than one threads try to write simultaneously then just select one randomly and let others wait - vik September 13, 2013 in United States | Report Duplicate | Flag These pieces lie scattered in the memory. Absolute path-- Exact path from root directory. Explain Bakery Algorithm? 1 Compiled By Sonali Chauhan, U.D.I.T 2.

How can it be implemented using semispaces?The copying garbage collector basically works by going through live objects and copying them into a specific region in the memory. Bootstrap program locates the kernel and loads it into main memory and starts its execution. Find how much...Asked by: vishin2SemaphoresDescribe how a Semaphore is used in Operating System?Asked by: tereraiterence Tags Cloud Company Interviews Accenture (52)Aptitude Interview QuestionsGroup Discussions TopicsPlacement AssistanceAdobe (7)Placement AssistanceAMD (1)Placement AssistanceAMDOC (2)Placement Operating System Question Bank Post your comment Discussion Board question Create a file using the Vi editor with the name ‘names.txt’ which contains 10 names of yours and your friends.

Explain Peterson Algorithm. Since a process takes the CPU till it is executed it is not very good in providing good response times. Answer QuestionSelect Best Answer May 20 2015 11:26 AM 4107Views 1Ans Overheads yamini OS Interview Questions What percentage of system overhead will not result in poor performance for user programs? code optimiser Rujul ProfileAnswers by RujulQuestions by Rujul OS Interview Questions Pranab Kaushik Nov 8th, 2016 Scanner Answer QuestionSelect Best Answer Feb 25 2008 02:06 AM 44191Views 5Ans Scheduler and

State the necessary condition for deadlock occurrence. 6. Os Interview Questions Tutorialspoint in both operating system is that if you know the commands of UNIX then it is the best for you but for the untrained user the Windows OS is best charmy201ProfileAnswers Answer QuestionSelect Best Answer Aug 31 2016 02:23 AM 898Views 0Ans Installation of OS for more than one machine Naveen OS Interview Questions By using image tool only we are The special thread a dispatcher will execute when no ready thread is found.   54.

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CANDIDATE SERVICES Contribute Placement Papers Free Job Alert | Sarkari Naukri | Employment News | Sarkari Results | Campus Fests CANDIDATE SERVICES Free Job Alert | Sarkari Naukri Now if the machines has upload and download bandwidth constraints, how can you impove the copy time. - Guy January 24, 2014 in United States | Report Duplicate | Flag Google Operating System Questions And Answers Pdf Avikalp Kumar Gupta Sep 19th, 2014 CPU burst is when the process is being executed in the CPU. Operating System Questions And Answers With Multiple Choice Describe priority scheduling algorithm 3.

Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above. Consider the following snapshot of a system and Answer the following 1) Find the content of NEED Column. 2) Find whether system is safe or not using banker’s Algorithm 3) Apply I/O burst is when the CPU is waiting for I/O for further execution. A program in execution is called a process. Operating System Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Free Download

What is cycle stealing? What are different states of process A process is an instance of program in execution. SJF 7. A mutex with a unique name is created at the time of starting a program.

For example, if several memory blocks are allocated in a continuo... Operating System Exam Questions And Answers It can make other important processes wait un-necessarily. Want to Become Linux Developer?

Transferring the control from one process to other process requires saving the state of the old process and loading the saved state for new process.

The linux programming assignments were designed to get a feel of real time issues and covered lot of areas of uncertainty. Explain PCB.- PCB, process control block, is also called as the task control block.- It contains information about the process state like new, ready, running, waiting and halt.- It also includes PICK ONE OF THE CHOICES 256 Unlimited 2^32 for 32-bit machines Depends on JVM version - rahul23111988 August 22, 2014 in United States | Report Duplicate | Flag Adobe Computer Scientist Operating System Aptitude Questions Questions and Answers on I/O Systems The sections deals with questions and answers on I/O Systems like Application Interfaces and Kernel Subsystems.

Thus, the permanent part is the code, and the temporary part is the pointer back to the calling program and local variables used by that program. Operating Systems Types What are the differences between Batch processing system and Real Time Processing System? Explain your answer.Deadlock with one process is not possible. Explain all 3 algorithm solution for process synchronization for 2 process? 9.

Preemptive scheduling: The preemptive scheduling is prioritized. Find Out When Gayle / CareerCup / Cracking the Coding Interview is in Your City What's Going On Report a Bug or Issue Books is a comprehensive book on getting a Daemon is a program that runs in the background without user’s interaction. Explain time slicing.

If a user wants to execute any program it should come from secondary memory to main memory because CPU can access main memory directly. List the various scheduling criteria in CPU Scheduling 4. The disadvantage of using circuit switching is that it requires a round trip message to setup a reservation. Start clipping No thanks.

This is done by time-sharing, the physical memory and storage parts of the memory one disk when they are not actively being used.   15. When does page fault error occur?- It occurs when a page that has not been brought into main memory is accessed. Shared memoryd. Trapdoor is a secret undocumented entry point into a program used to grant access without normal methods of access authentication.

Furthermore, assume that each page entry requires e bytes. But a compiler translates the entire instructions   21. Gave a clear picture of the inner working of C language design. — Shivanshu - Netapp The course was well designed and coverage was satisfactorily deep. Processes pdf Aug 14, 2013 4.

Thrashing occurs when a system spends more time processing page faults than executing transactions. What is graceful degradation?- It is the ability to continue providing service proportional to level of hardware.- Systems designed for graceful degradation are called fault tolerant.- If we have several processors