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NT Server 4 User Name & Password


Windows NT Server domain controllersWindows NT workstations and member serversAdministratorsAdministratorsBackup OperatorsBackup OperatorsServer OperatorsPower UsersAccount OperatorsUsersPrint OperatorsGuestsUsersReplicatorGuests Replicator By default, every new domain user (global or local) is a member of the Domain Users This domain is either the same domain as the computer account domain or a domain that is trusted by the computer account domain. You can also enable a gateway to share NetWare file and print resources with Microsoft networking clients that have no NetWare client software. This benefit of domains is identical to the Microsoft Windows® for Workgroups and Windows 95 concept of a workgroup. http://gamesversion.com/windows-nt/nt-4-user-profiles.php

This security requires users to identify themselves to the domain or the computer. If you need to change the username, we suggest you create a copy of your existing username and use the new username. Methods: Start -> Run Probably the simplest and most platform-independent of all the methods. In the New Password and Verify fields, type in the new password and click OK. click here now

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Top of pageDeciding on a Domain Model A domain model is a grouping of one or more domains with administration and communications links between them (trust relationships) that are arranged for Many combinations of workstations, domain controllers, and servers exist. You must choose from a drop-down list that contains the server name, the domain to which the server belongs, and the domains you've established trust relationships with for the server.

Adding, Renaming, Moving, and Removing Domain ComputersA domain is created by installing Windows NT Server and designating the computer as a domain controller. Domain user FRANK on domain SALES Logs into a domain (SALES in the steps below) that includes many other Windows NT computers and resources, one of which contains an Oracle8 database. LAN Manager 2.x BDCs can validate logon attempts from computers running Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, or LAN Manager 2.x workstation software but cannot validate logon attempts from computers running Windows Windows Nt Full Form See Net8 Getting Started for Windows NT and Windows 95/98 for instructions.

If necessary, you can easily return the account type to global. Windows Nt User Manager When you remove a computer running Windows NT Workstation or a computer running Windows NT Server from a domain, the computer's account is removed. SQL*Plus can also be used, but only when connecting locally to an Oracle8 database. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windowsnt/4/server/proddocs/en-us/concept/xcp02.mspx If the domain name is the domain to which the controller belongs, the controller authenticates the logon credentials against its directory database and passes the account identification information back to the

Select the Edit User option. Active Directory Mac OS X 10.1.5 or earlier - Change password Log in using an administrator account. To reduce delays in the display of user accounts, groups, or computers, select Low Speed Connection. For detailed information on these subjects, see the references to the Windows NT Server documentation set that are mentioned throughout.

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You can configure each domain and computer to allow both types of guest logon, only one type, or neither type. Migrating User Accounts from Novell NetWareYou can migrate user accounts from Novell NetWare servers to Windows NT Server computers. Nt Account Meaning By default, a new user account is a global user account. What Is Nt User Choose the Add Value option in the Edit menu.

The domain user can access all the resources the domain provides with a single user name and password. this contact form This setting affects both being able to log on to the network and being able to access servers. A domain consists of user accounts, computer accounts (each computer running Windows NT Workstation or Windows NT Server has a computer account), and group accounts, both built-in and those you create. When the secure communications channel has been established, a communications session can begin between the two computers. Ntuser

After a few seconds, a window will pop up and prompt for the password associated with that username, as in Figure 3.5. The String Editor dialog box appears: Enter TRUE in the String field to enable authentication at the domain level. What are the characters that cannot be contain in creating Widows NT user account? have a peek here Note The Windows NT domain (--ntdomain) attribute for user profiles plays no part in the SGD login.

Through directory services, authenticated accounts are available for use with all Windows NT Server network services and compatible server applications, such as the BackOffice™ suite of server products. Microsoft Click OK. If the server maintains separate accounts, a user's username and password can be the same on all accounts.

The resource domains can trust other resource domains, but are not required to do so.

If no user profile was found in the local repository, the user identity is the Windows domain user name. Account operators cannot modify the accounts of members of any of these groups and cannot administer security policies. LAN Manager 2.x Servers and ClientsWindows NT Server interoperates with Microsoft LAN Manager 2.x systems. To achieve the appropriate level of control over a workstation, member server, or domain, the administrator decides which user accounts to add to the various built-in groups.

The default setting for this parameter is FALSE. This command copies the latest directory database changes to the selected BDC only. You can add a user to more than one built-in group. Check This Out For information about installing workgroup computers, see Windows NT Server Start Here.

Local groups make it possible to quickly assign rights and permissions for the resources on one domain (that is, the local domain) to users and groups from that domain and other For NT to use a central domain controller, you must first implement the NT domain model. Log In or Register to post comments Please Log In or Register to post comments. Remove the # sign from in front of SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES and set it as follows in your ORACLE_HOME\NET80\ADMIN\SQLNET.ORA file: SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NTS) Use Oracle Net8 Assistant or Oracle Net8 Easy Config to

The other account should be in the Users local group and is the account the administrator uses at all other times. Administrators group members do not have automatic access to every file on the computer. For more information about logons and user authentication, see the Windows NT Networking Guide in the Windows NT Server Resource Kit version 4.0. For this example, ORA_ORCL_DBSALES3_D is entered.

Interdomain trust accounts allow domain controllers in a trusted domain to pass authentication of user accounts through to the trusting domain (see "How User Logons Work," later in this chapter). However, they do not have domain computer accounts and therefore do not have Windows NT Workstation logon security. However, not all built-in local groups exist on both Windows NT Server domain controllers and on individual Windows NT computers (Windows NT Workstation computers and member servers running Windows NT Server). SQL*Plus and the Oracle Enterprise Manager applications cannot be used for this type of connection.

As Screen 5 shows, you'll see only the domain names. Users who have domain accounts can log on to their accounts the same way Windows NT Workstation users do. Enabling Windows Domain Authentication In the SGD Administration Console, display the Secure Global Desktop Authentication Configuration Wizard. The user must log on to a domain account.

If you cannot connect using the DNS form (\\\\server.caltech.edu\\share), try using the WINS form (\\\\servername\\share).