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One XP Clone For Several Machines?


Math question * 10 + 3 = Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. Unless you really know what you are doing.)Since I'm messing up making changes to my system(s) so often, I need to be certain I can easily recover my original hard drive I may need a bit more clarification from you in order to answer thoroughly: Did you want to create a copy of an existing installation that you've already got running the How to get XP over to it?

From the Action menu, choose Attach VHD, browse to the location of the VHD file, check read-only if you want to safeguard the contents against modification and click OK. What did I mean? Archives Archives Select Month February 2017 (6) January 2017 (15) December 2016 (17) November 2016 (6) October 2016 (3) July 2016 (1) June 2016 (23) May 2016 (13) April 2016 (15) All three support VHD files. http://lockergnome.com/2012/06/26/three-free-ways-clone-windows-xp-2012-follow-up/

How To Clone A Hard Drive Windows Xp Free

All Rights Reserved Tom's Hardware Guide ™ Ad choices Monday to Thursday, 10am-4pm, EST 1.855.281.5499 (toll free) Email Us Log In Français Get Our Newsletter Register Here Browse CatalogueBy Donor Partner In my most recent test, Clonezilla produced a 10 gigabyte image out of a 15.7 gigabyte system. Please note that we cannot individually respond to all comments.

Since you're not looking to clone your drive, imaging would be the solution you're looking for. Disk2vhd is a great tool that lets you create a virtual machine image from your existing hard disk setup. Now, even though there isn't a yellow exclamation icon next to the Networks section, you'll want to make an adjustment there as well. Clonezilla Live Cd Here's a kicker - I don't have the original XP installation disk (life's never that easy, eh?)How can I copy XP / WINDOWS directory over to the new drive? (I.e., from

When you launch the vCenter Converter, you'll see the Welcome screen and can begin the conversion procedure by clicking the Convert Machine button on the toolbar or by clicking the icon Cloning Software For Windows Xp Credit: Images by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic Yellow exclamation icons identify settings that may need adjustments When you get to the options screen, you'll see a list of settings that the Here are the details in case you want to look into them. check over here So go ahead click the Download and Install button.

Slipstream the answer file into a Windows XP install CD, boot from the CD, and let it do its thing Install Windows XP on a single computer. Hdclone mabe on the network?i dont know. If you plan on doing cloning and multicasting on a regular basis, you should consider dedicating a server to the process. However, since I'll be running this virtual machine on my Windows 8 system, which has 8GB of memory, I'll adjust the memory back up to 2GB.

Cloning Software For Windows Xp

Now run the "Disk Clone" wizard, clone the prepared hard disk to a new one. This ensures that the user experience at your lab will be the same for all users. How To Clone A Hard Drive Windows Xp Free That way if something does go wrong, you can restore your Windows XP system and get right back to work. Clone Software For Windows Xp Free Download The clone, or reproduction, is pretty much an exact duplicate of the original drive.

I can access the new drive fine.Now - how to make it bootable? Installation of both products was a breeze. Figure Q QQQQ It took some time to root out the cause of this error. Converting your Windows XP system Converting your Windows XP system into a virtual machine is essentially a four-step operation. Norton Ghost Xp

I just wanted to be clear about my feelings regarding software licensing. Learn how dedicated software, called cloning, can make this task much easier, and what you should be aware of before you begin and as you proceed. Credit: Images by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic VMware Player will display warning messages The first time you launch VMware Player, you may encounter warning messages about devices or drives that were There are various software available for creating and running virtual machine image.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about this report on my testing of imaging and cloning utilities, so feel free to comment away!Related Post navigation Without Emurse, Where Can Todo Backup Free It's like system restore for the whole damn C: drive. My Passport has a program on it, when I tried to use it as the drive to clone to, it told me the Passport would be formatted.

If you encounter this problem and need further assistance, just drop a note in the Discussion area.

Read my prior comment:"Important: Before messing with your disk, backup your current drive using any method you prefer…"Anyway, don't panic. By default, the application also manufactures an image that is broken up into 650 megabyte-sized parts, so that your image can be spread out and burned to multiple CD-ROMs. How To Upload JavaScript Games To Steam I have sole custody of my child but the child's father's brother claimed him as a tax deduction Integration by parts with a pre-defined Symantec Ghost for 1+3, enter 4.

Get the master system ready without using SysPrep (see above posts). 3. Credit: Images by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic About Greg Shultz Greg Shultz is a freelance Technical Writer. Once you free up some of your drive using Gparted or Parted Magic or some other tool (or once you install an additional hard drive), you'll then find that Windows Disk Read more.

By running separately do you mean you are selling computers to individual users or are you setting up the 50 PCs in a corporate environment (one company).i_Xp/VistaUser Report • #5 kptech Before I reinstall Windows 7. Did you get booted? See our selection of refurbished desktops and laptops, and check out discounts beyond technology.

While cloning can be performed for any platform, Mac clones won't work on PCs, Linux clones won't work on Macs, and so forth. I have the native Windows XP utility, Disk Management open, and the only options are "Format", or "Delete partition" or "Mark Partition as Active". Its a great article and thanks a bunch. You should not just clone an existing setup as is and plop the image on a second system, need to do a bit of work to get it ready for use

Also, look again to make sure that you haven't forgotten an important setting or an important piece of software. Managing standard machines is a lot easier than disparate ones. Both the converter and the Player are free to use in a non commercial environment. JurgensOct 17, 2011, 11:35 PM all the computers have the exact same hardware.

This can be an involved process, so make sure your non- IT staff has the availability to do this.